To provide a common forum CAAG, to instill the Cauverian values and aspiration into practice.

To promote cordial relationship and fraternal understanding among the CAAG alumni/ alumnae by bringing them together through various programs.

To foster the spirit of fellowship among the CAAG by enabling them to maintain contact wherever they maybe, and by involving them humanitarian endeavors.

To create an awareness amongst the CAAG in order that they may have an obligation to work for the betterment of their less privileged brothers and sisters and enable them to strive for a just and equitable social order.

To maintain a database of names, permanent address, years of stay, qualifications, present occupation details and other vital information of all the members.

To maintain continuity by serving as a vital link between the past and the present students, staff and the members of the management of the Cauvery Education Society.

To harness and enlist the interest and the services of the alumni/alumnae in strengthen and developing the infrastructural facilities of the alma-mater in due consolation and co-ordination with the Principal Cauvery College, Gonikoppa and Cauvery Education Society®, Gonikoppa, Kodagu District.

To organize and promote various meetings, seminars, spiritual retreats, sports and completions, cultural, fine arts and literary activities including lectures and audio visual programs

To help and encourage outstanding brilliant and deserving students of Cauvery College, Gonikoppa and among the alumni/ alumnae for pursuing higher studies and research.

To receive/raise/collect donations, funds and other receipts for the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the CAAG and also utilize funds in such a manner as the managing committee may deem fit and consider necessary from time to time.

To generally do all such acts, deeds and things as may necessary or incidental to and as the association deems fit and appropriate in the attainment of its aims and objectives.

The benefits/ services of the CAAG shall be open to all the old or ex-students of the Cauvery College, Gonikoppa, Kodagu District who have studied in it for a minimum period of one academic year and 2 semesters irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex or nationality provided they are willing to live up to the aims and objectives of the CAAG.